Friday, 22 April 2011

Reggae and pad thai

First week of school over, it went so quickly! Had first test yesterday and did well, second test today and results on Monday. 

Tonight I went with Ellen, Suzanne and Emily into the old city and to a great reggae bar called the Rooftop. We got a shared taxi there and passed amazing markets and old ruins. I feel as if I haven't seen any of Chiang Mai yet, so much exploring to do. We met up with Courtney who is a canadian yoga teacher, Jeremy a french professional traveller! and Yuki a Japanese massage therapist and professional drinker:-) All of us are studying at the same school and it was great to meet up outside of the confines of study. I had a really amazing pad thai sitting cross legged on the floor at this really chilled open top restaurant / bar with the view of the city ahead. 

When we left we got a tuk tuk so Emily sat in the front with the driver and he couldn't stop laughing! He found us all so funny for some reason!?! Was a great night though we were all tired from the strenuous week we'd just had.

Tomorrow morning I move to Chaba House - will miss Ellen, Suzanne and Emily but will see them at college.

Have booked to go on a full day cookery class on Sunday, get picked up and taken to a local organic herb garden then to the local market and then go and cook everything and the reward is sitting down to eat it!

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