Monday, 18 April 2011

school and stuff

First day at school today was really good, very laid back and actually lots of laughter so not the austere place I thought it might be!

We had a lecture in the morning telling us 'how to learn' and then started on meditation, prayers and massage. Have lots of reading up to do tonight.  My class is made up of 8 people from all over the place, French, Russian, Canadian, American, Namibian....

Went to look at a different guest house tonight called Chaba - is nicer than here and has bigger rooms so am moving on Saturday. The place I am at now have no problem with this it seems to be normal for people to move around regularly. Its also where lots of students from my course are staying whereas where I am now seems to be more for travellers passing through.

Used the local shared taxi today as well, 20 bhat for anywhere in town and I acted like a real local. Is a great way to get about. Lots of people have mopeds here but I think I will resist - I am sure I would end up in a jiffy bag:-)

Am going to get my Thai SIM sorted out tonight as well so will have a local number.

Weather is hot again - no complaints!

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