Friday, 13 May 2011

Homeward bound

My last night in Chiang Mai was truly special. Dinner at Aum with loads of my new found friends and then on to Griffin Bar which was another beach shack in the heart of the old town.

For all those of you who are wondering why I have cut short my 3 month planned trip; nothing bad has happened, I just feel I am ready to go home. I have had such an amazing time, I know I will return to Chiang Mai in the future.

I have no job to go back to so I am sure I will travel elsewhere for new experiences.

1 comment:

  1. So my free massage will be a half-baked one?

    I still admire your nerve, and also your ability to declare you're going to do something else now :)

    One of my friends is in Cyprus for a week or so now, visiting her army beloved so I can put you in contact if you like - she is a great mate and a cracking partner in crime; let me know!

    (Still jealous of the fabulous time you've had over there and immensely grateful for your sharing some of your pics and experiences)