Sunday, 8 May 2011

Vienping Children's Home

Had just done my first morning at Vienping. I will be working from 9am to 11.30am each morning. They are desperate for volunteers to look after the under one year olds. I was joined today by Suzanne who is Hawaiian from Seattle. The children want attention and I very quickly had a boy and two small girls falling asleep on me. There is one girl; Bobbo who is very sweet. She has brain damage and is very thin but very bubbly and happy. She slept on me most of the morning. At 11am they go for their feed and we then clean the play room which has a large box of plastic balls and lots of toys. I changed a few nappies - though only wet ones! The nappies here consist of two strips of material, one that I guess is the equivalent of a liner and the other which is like an old fashioned material nappy, though they are all just made out of strips of cloth.

I enjoyed the morning, it wasn't depressing at all! The children are all on a database for adoption but the chances of them finding homes I think is quite slim. There are a total of 270 children at the school. They seem to need many things - clothes, baby formula, toys, books money - anything and everything. We are not allowed to take pictures of the children.

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  1. Can you send details on how we can send stuff to them. I am certain I could get a box together and ship it over. Surprised at you I have to say...but I think it's because you haven't had a bad nappy yet. Wait for a fall out one...a Max special...That will make your eyes water.

    Proud of you Sis xxxx