Friday, 29 April 2011


Yesterday we each gave our first full massage. It is supposed to take 1hr 44 mins maximum I don't think anyone finished completed and we were all over 2 hrs... I was exhausted after, I had built up a sweat which is not surprising as its so physical. Being a Thai masseur keeps you in fit that's for sure. 

In the evening we sat and had a bottle of wine in our garden then moved onto vodka and then headed out on mass to the Rooftop bar and Babylon, both Reggae bars. Here is the evidence!

Yuki, Karen, Warner (Hawaiian guy who has done just about everything everywhere and is off to Tibet soon, Leo a Brazillian guy just arrived about to study thai cookery for 2 months in thai but he doesn't speak the language! and Stephane from France on our course - in our little garden

Backside is Joy here on a Thai massage course from California applying mossie repellant 

About to head out

Louisa who is Japanese from Sydney

Leo braving the thai traffice

Entrance to rooftop bar

Arnett from Virginia USA

Paul from Leeds here with his girlfriend Debbie who is studying with us


Arnett, Joy and Debbie

Louisa and Stephane

Karen and Yuki - trancing!

Its that bucket of V&O again... though Yuki is on the Thai Whiskey as well!!

Rooftop bar - the guy on the right is Matt from Germany

Yuki who loves to dance

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