Thursday, 28 April 2011

Chiang Mai

I can't think of a nicer place to be right now than Chiang Mai... I turned left for the first time at the bottom of my road tonight and discovered a really happening area. There were loads of food stalls and cafe's, clothes shops and internet places! It was really buzzing. Karen decided to have a papaya salad, this is all made in a large pestle and mortar - we looked on horrified as the lady took a very smelly fermented small crab out of a jar and started pounding it, luckily there was an order before hers. She could taste the fermented crab when she did get her one but it didn't put her off. I had a sliced sausage stir fry with lots of red chillis and onion, was delicious.

Went swimming again tonight, was so nice to cool off after the heat of the day. Went and checked out the hotel near Chaba House in case my dad does come out here, it was very nice with a pool, works out about 20 euro a day with breakfast! Think he will probably stay here though - at 5.80 euro a night with breakfast it is a real bargain!

Am glad its Friday tomorrow - its been a long hectic week! Looking forward to the weekend and FINALLY will go exploring into the old town. Want to do the Sunday night market as well. Haven't brought anything yet and need to get the retail therapy underway.

Am thinking of Tim and Erika tonight - I hope tomorrow goes well and is peaceful.

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