Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Things that bite at night

What a night. 3am - face swollen and stinging. 4am managed to get back to sleep. 6am up for school!

I have cleaned my room extensively this evening and sprayed insect repellant everywhere and brought one of those plug in mosquito killer machines. I also have a huge mosquito net over my bed now courtesy of the guest house. I knew this area would be back for mossies as there is so much water everywhere and jungle not far but this is even worse than Larnaca Airport in mid August! You Cyps will understand that one!!!

School was good today, each day seems to fly by - I guess from continually learning new things. We have another test tomorrow and one on Friday. A few of the people are doing additional classes on the weekend - I really can't do more than I am. It is a great course but so full on its exhausting. I want to lounge around, be lazy, go shopping, eat long liesurely lunches and talk with Thai people but there is not chance of that until the course finishes in 81/2 weeks!

I have about 3 hours of study to cram in tonight if i am going to pass these two tests so better get on with it. I am going through a down point but know tomorrow I will be back up there enjoying it all again.

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