Monday, 25 April 2011


Last night saw Karen and I herding the barking gecko from my room with a broom and large dustpan it was hilarious, luckily he didn't come back!

Back to school today and we were in a different class with a new teacher. Her name is Joy and her English isn't as good as our previous teacher but she is very nice and extremely knowledgeable. We have an anatomy lecture tomorrow which I am looking forward to.

At lunchtime Karen and I walked to the mall near the college, we found an amazing supermarket called Rimpings which was like something from California - it had EVERYTHING and more. We have vowed to go back and really explore - something about supermarket shopping in foreign countries that is always exciting.

Tonight after college I went to the mall near home and brought a swimming costume as I want to join the local gym with a lovely pool. I then went and treated myself to a manicure and pedicure for the equivalent of 4 Euro. I then walked past the thai massage place and was drawn in for an hour and a half's massage.

I've just had some museli and yogurt (note the healthy eating!) and am sitting in my room glad of the peace and quiet.

Spoke to my dad tonight and he said he may come out for a month but only if there are plenty of golf courses. I know he would love it here.

Better do some reading and study in prep for tomorrow now.

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