Sunday, 24 April 2011

Thai Cookery Class

Had amazing rain last night was so loud and together with my barking gecko I didn't get much sleep. Was up at 6am for breakfast them walked the 40 minutes to Walai Guest House to meet Ellen, Suzanne and Emily for our day of thai cooking. On the way i spotted this dog who apparently sits on this bike for hours quite happily.

So cute!

Had a great time at the school cooked up loads of thai dishes, papaya salad, green and red curry paste from scratch, loads of stir fries and desserts, then ate them all! Before cooking we went into the school's own organic herb garden and learnt about all the different herbs and vegetables they have. We then went to the local food market where we found all the ingredients we needed. It was a really great day!

These are called cow face plants and feel very much like rubbery plastic - not real at all. Thai's don't eat them but apprently the Chinese do!

Our teacher was called 'A' and was really excellent at keeping us all going together and cooking individually but finishing on time!

A explaining the different kinds of rice in the market. What you can't see are loads of cockroaches on the floor running all over the place - including our feet!

Unfortunately the fish on the left was still alive when he was being cooked :-(

A showing us how to make coconut cream - just squeeze the juice from coconut flesh!

Our group before we started cooking!

This was a thai appetizer you get a bitter leaf and inside it put red shallot, thai ginger, roasted unsalted peanuts, whole green chilli, piece of lime with skin and then palm suger and wrap it up and eat it in one go, it was amazing! 

Making spring rolls

Red curry paste - thai hot!!! AKA FIERCE!!!

This guy whose name i didn't catch wanted all his food super thai hot!!

Ingredients for coconut soup - add all of the above to coconut milk and boil then squeeze lime juice over and eat! 

Unfortunately we were all so tired we forgot to take pictures of the finished dishes... means I will have to go back again!


  1. Any chance you could grow those in Cyprus? That cow head plant is awesome. They look a bit like little yellow uteruses...or is that uteru-i??

  2. They really didn't feel like living plants - more like plastic toys attached to a branch with glue!