Friday, 15 April 2011

Water water and yet more water....

Am at the Walai Guest House who had a huge party last night for the New Year festival - lots of traditional music and drumming and dancing think it finished around 2am... i think i was there but can't be certain it could have been in my room i was so out of it from flying but was great fun!

Today i met up with Karen who is also studying at the same place as I am, we walked out of town towards the mountains and found the university which is set in idyllic grounds and just sat for a few hours chatting. We then walked back to the melee which is town and got soaked again. Loads of live music and dancing and general craziness; was excellent. Think we walked around the whole outskirts of Chiang Mai well it took us 6 hours soaked in flip flops so in reality we probably only walked a few kilometres in all!

Have spotted a massage place round the corner where all the masseurs are blind think i will go and have my first massage of this trip tonight. The guest house have arranged a trip to a reggae bar tonight around 10pm if i can stay awake i think i'll go. Though have to find some food as well haven't eaten since my raisin bread this morning which was the only think i could find in the shop that looked recognisable. I must be more adventurous and try the road side food places....


  1. Told mum about the food crisis. She suggested what dad did when he first went to England. Work your way down a menu. When you find something you like stick to it. Sounds like you r having fun. Foxxxxxyyyyy has been snuggling close to Ganny so don't worry.

  2. This link is for a really good, current, travel website for southeast asia.. its put together by travellers

  3. Things to eat that are delicious..
    Yum Nua - Beef salad - strips of steak with cucumber, red onion, lime
    Larb Mu or Gai - minced pork or chicken salad
    Krapow - usually with Gai/Kai (chicken) or Mu/Moo (pork) Nua (beef) - this is a stir fry with basil and green beans
    some (more) useful thai words relating to food:
    Pet = spicy
    Pet Mai - no spice
    Pet Mak - lots of spice
    Pak - vegetable/vegetarian
    Pla - fish
    Krung - prawn
    Aroy - delicious

    hope that helps...

  4. Thanks Zeh - am checking it out now:-) Just had amazing massage from a blind woman!

  5. Last time I had a massage from a blind woman it turned out she was trying to find the door and I was in the way