Thursday, 14 April 2011

oh and by the way its 37 degrees!!


  1. i posted a comment but not sure they are making it on to your blog?

  2. aha now i see they are working...
    ok so well done for making it in one piece. you are going to have the best time... I'm sure you have this planned or even been but Doi Suthep is beautiful. I also remember (bit of a blur) having a good night at Porn Ping Hotel's club - Bubble... A place near Chiang Mai that I haven't been but Dev raves about is Pai... probably a couple of hours in a bus though. Pai is meant to be really beautiful. Foodwise - definately try the little stalls and if you can find one serving Som Tam (Papaya salad) and BBQ chicken with sticky rice.. delicious. Northen Thailand is also good for Isarn food which is delicious curries etc.

  3. A couple of to do's and to watch out fors.

    Though my experience is a few years old and circumstances might have changed.
    Thai police get paid bonuses for arresting people and aren't adverse o fitting people up with drugs. So kep a copy of the British consulate phone number in your purse, just to be ultra safe.

    Trips north into Vietnam or Cambodia. When I was there I heard tales of people going on a day trip and being refused entry back into Thailand. Which is a real pain when all your stuff is back at the hotel. I also heard tell of a border guard demanding a large backhander from a desperate traveller, who was promptly knicked when he handed it over.

    If you see posters around the town for a kick boxing tournament, Go. BUT if it's like the one I went to it'll be in a barn in the suburbs, no stret lights and in the midle of nowhere. Find a taxi (and agree a price) who will come and pick you up aferwards and take you back home. + take mozzie repellent, I was ate alive. A good night though. There just happened to be a team of Brit kickboxers the night I went, big strapping fellows who the little Thai lads kicked the snot out of.

    Cant remember what it was called, but a monkey place. Interesting watching the monkeys and handlers working, fetching coconuts etc, but depressing when they had them dressed up and riding bycycles and stuff (the monkeys not the handlers).

    Snake farm. A bit of a let down. unless you like to see people irritate snakes and jump over them or get frighteningly close to them. It's a bit of a cheat, one of the guys got bit in the crutch (people screamed, I cheered, serves him right) but they wear baggy trousers so it's not that dangerous at all.

    I'll see if I can find the location, but I found an antique shop full of old colonial french stuff and spent a fortune once I'd realised I could ship it back.

    Where are you staying?


  4. Hi Mark - thanks for the info - its a truly amazing place!

  5. WOW. It's rainy and 11C in Athens at the moment, 37C sounds blissful :-)