Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Aum Restaurant

Why isn't there an Aum Restaurant in Cyprus?? It really is the best food in Chiang Mai! Tonight we tried the Fresh Spring Rolls which are raw vegetables and nuts very thinly sliced wrapped in a rice pancake and dipped into a delicious tangy sauce. This was followed by Fried and Soft Noodle Soup with all the usual ingredients; lemongrass, Thai ginger, galangal, chili etc etc.

I am reunited with my Lonely Planet guide book. Woke Christophe up to retrieve it from his room! Detective work led Suzie and I to his door after Aum told us they had given it to 'my friend' the night I left it behind. Having seen Christophe's room I have decided to move to Awana House on 22nd May when my time at Chaba is up. Awana is right next to Thae Pae Gate so I will be a block away from Aum!!! and Starbucks and Black Cannon Coffee and all the other easily recognisable meeting places.

Had a really great night with Courtney, Emily and Suzie. We sat and chatted totally oblivious to the fact that the staff at Aum wanted to go home!

I am sitting in my room now listening to the rain pounding outside, it's turned cooler as well! There is no need for the a/c or fan tonight.

Tomorrow morning I am off to Vienping to visit the babies and then in the afternoon Joy and I plan to cycle to a local craft market. Each day is a new experience!

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