Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Body Work

Last night I went for a 2 hour oil massage - was a bit strange as some guy wanted to sit in the room and watch but once I explained I wanted him to leave he did! Weird....

Its been raining since yesterday morning with only a few hours in between of respite! I brought a rather nifty mac from the market yesterday which I now take everywhere with me.

This morning Joy and I went to Sinativa Spa, its the oldest spa in Chiang Mai which was really amazing.

We were picked up from Chaba in an a/c mini bus and driven to the door of the spa where a young Thai boy held an umbrella for us to walk grandly into the incense filled haven. We started in a herbal steam room which was like an outside toilet with a rice cooker under our seat filled with herbs and vegetables, sounds grim but was really lovely! After 15 minutes we staggered out to find tea and sliced banana waiting for us. Then up to the treatment room where we were slathered in chocolate, yogurt, banana and coffee smelling body scrub. This was left on for a while then after showering we lay back down for an oil head massage. The a cellulite cream was applied and our bodies were slapped HARD all over!!! Then we had a 4 hand oil massage all over before a full facial with amazingly smelling creams.

They then left the room so that we could sleep (and snore!!) I woke myself up snoring and Joy said she did too. After another shower we dressed and sat downstairs eating home made biscuits and banana with more tea. We were both quiet and jelly like!

They then drove us home so we could collapse:-)

It was a special deal that usually costs about 145 euro but we got it for 67 each!

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