Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Reading and doing very little

Had a really lazy day today. Went down for breakfast and said bye to all the college kids LOL! at 8am, then came back to my room and finished my book. I headed into town around 11am and starting at the Tae Pai Gate I walked around the old city. The city is walled and has a moat around it. Inside its all tiny little alley ways which I guess must be following the original city layout. I found the cookery school I went to a few weekends ago and wandered aimlessly through the alleyways finding cute little shops and guest house after guest house. I then sat in a coffee shop and watched the world go by. I wanted to go to the Chiang Mai Women's Correctional Institution (prison - but not allowed to call it that here!!) but couldn't find it - apparently its open to the public and they sell stuff the women have made, it sounded really interesting.

I decided to be adventurous for lunch and tried the pork ball and intestine soup which was actually rather good! I've lost my retail therapy gene somewhere along with way and just wasn't interested in doing any shopping so came back home and lounged around for a few hours before heading off for an hour's foot massage. My masseur and I ended up watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Johnny Depp in Thai on TV - this meant he had to contort his whole body to be able to see the screen but his massage was still excellent.

Ended up in the beach shack for dinner and then chatting with friends in the guest house kitchen. It rained again tonight and once it had stopped the sounds of all the frogs was deafening. We found one the other day and it was amazing how small he was with such a huge voice!

I really enjoyed today, I have a few things lined up for the coming days; Friday night we are off to a Thai Night Club, Sunday, Courtney has arranged an afternoon / evening bike ride around Chiang Mai and then next week Joy is not studying at all and I plan to join her for Tai Chi in the park and generally mooching around town.

I've now arranged to meet with Sarah in Bangkok not Chiang Mai in July so means I will probably leave here at the end of May and head South.

Hope Alex had a lovely birthday yesterday and Max had a great one today!!!

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