Thursday, 5 May 2011

Viengping Children's Orphanage & Electricity Outage!

Had an interesting day!

At breakfast I was chatting to Patoom our guest house owner about doing some volunteer work. He told me about an orphanage about 20 mins out of town that he knew so we hopped in his car and he took me to see it. I was surprised at what a lovely place it was, loads of gardens, play areas and really good facilities. I met the principal who explained to me that they regularly had volunteers coming through and if i wanted I could start on Monday - seeing as how Patoom recommended me! I had a load of forms to complete and have had to give two references; thanks Emily and Effie!  I will be looking after babies and toddlers - most of the children are from very poor families who just can't look after them. Others are from parents who have died from HIV. Good job I kept the 'respectable' clothing as they are very strict on attire and also NO PHOTOGRAPHY of any kind which is a good thing!

I then decided to go and explore my area, it was a really lovely hot day so I walked down to the nearest Wat (temple) which was built in 1521 and took some photographs.

This woman had small baskets with birds in which for 100 Bhat (2 euro) you could let free for good luck! I brought them all and let all the little birdies free. There were about 5 birds in each small cage!

This road is always this busy! Its the one at the end of our road.

There are lovely well cared for dogs everywhere!

The beach shack cafe where we all eat most of the time!

The alternative high class restaurants in our neighbourhood


Chaba Guest House

The entrance to our road - so quaint!

These lovely flowers just seem to grow everywhere!

Our garden at night! Lots of frogs making noise!

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