Sunday, 1 May 2011

Resting Up

Have had a real restful day today. I couldn't sleep last night even though I was still tired from our Friday night out! I think I managed about 4 hours in total. It rained very heavily overnight and the sound was very soothing of water pounding on the metal roof outside my room but however I tried sleep evaded me. Having finished reading Eat Pray Love (thanks Erika - I loved it!) I am now reading The Voluptuous Delights of Peanut Butter and Jam about two children growing up in Rhodesia in the 1970's - I read half of it last night!

Up early for breakfast which is really amazing. Today it was plums and mango followed by rice noodles cooked with chicken and vegetables with home made brown bread and home made marmalade. This is followed by the banana leaf containing sticky rice and custard. I tried to get back into bed with a full tummy and sleep but no such luck.

I headed down to the mall and posted a parcel home - mainly clothes that I really didn't need to bring with me - jeans - too hot to wear! - jacket - too hot to wear - fleece - again, too hot to wear!!

Its such a novelty that all the shops including banks are open all day everyday, coming from Cyprus where you have to plan you're every move its so easy!

I spent a few hours studying the Sen Sib (translates to the 10 channel / energy of life) this will be our main area of study for this week. Each line is traced on the body and dependant on the line it relates to either one or a number of symptoms. We were given a lecture this week and the names of the 10 lines can be sung to the tune of happy birthday - was really funny. Its an easy way to remember the names. I haven't mastered it yet.

I just went down to the kitchen and there are various people being massaged on the kitchen floor, its kinda surreal but this is Thialand where nothing is surprising.

Have the option to go to the Sunday Market tonight but think I will stay and rest. I am really tired and have 'restless legs' which I have just looked up on the internet and think its through lack of sleep as insomnia is one of the causes.

Time is going so fast here, there is so much I have yet to do and see but i don't feel in any hurry to rush around.

Karen has kindly offered to give me a massage at 5pm so I guess I better go and find my place on the kitchen floor....

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  1. just found an interesting snippet on the net about massage : "one study has found that it can boost your maths skills (Field, 1996). Compared with a control group, participants who received massages twice a week for 5 weeks were not only more relaxed but also did better on a maths test."

    Glad you are enjoying it all :)
    PS the moustache is history