Monday, 2 May 2011

Scrambled Egg Soup

Got to college, then turned around and came home! Body gave out, am physically drained. Slept ALL day which was bliss. Finished my book this afternoon which had a sad ending:-(  Then went round the corner to our little beach shack cafe for scrambled egg and pork soup which was delicious. I know if i tried to make this at home it would be a hideous mess:-)

Just out on the balcony watching the street life when i spotted two humungous rats scuttling around, not surprising really with all the rain here. Its funny how being so close to nature and all the animal noises at night and lizards running around makes you accustomed to it all. My only fear is spiders. I joined a couple of people in the garden last night and caught the end of their conversation "yea this huge big black thing running around in my room" at that point I asked them to change the subject before I passed out:-) Ignorance is also bliss.

Did think about going swimming tonight but I don't even have the energy to walk down the road, I am kaput! Hope I liven up for class tomorrow. We are learning the Sen Sib lines and therapeutic massage.  

Maybe my body is emotionally releasing all the toxic things that have happened to me over the years, I have been thinking about how I moved to Cyprus, everything that happened with Martin, work, my own unfulfillment with life. Not something I normally let myself dwell on... I know I was not happy generally hence making the decision to come here and do something different. Its hard to face up to stuff though when you continually block it out.  I feel like a self help book, my next blog will be about my 'life journey' and finding karma or some similar crap!

For family reading this - I am not depressed or feeling down - just with no TV or distractions my mind is wandering all over the place:-) )

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